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    IoT examples from industry experts

    Behind Gemalto’s leading edge IoT technology is a team of the best and brightest experts in the industry. They offer unprecedented knowledge on everything from wireless connectivity solutions and IoT module services to digital security technology, and they influence every Gemalto solution. The videos below showcase their expertise along with IoT examples including connected cars, smart manufacturing, life-changing mHealth applications and innovative Cinterion IoT Modules that provide multimode global roaming, LPWAN LTE Cat 1 connectivity and more. We invite you to learn more about Gemalto IoT technology and see some compelling examples of how it’s being used to benefit a variety of industries.??

    • Gemalto IoT Expert - Smart Manufacturing Part 1

      Gemalto is leveraging its expertise in IoT technology and digital security to enable trust across the smart manufacturing ecosystem and to support the digital transformation of industrial businesses. Learn more about the Smart Manufacturing revolution in the first of three videos featuring Gemalto IoT expert, Stephane Quetglas.

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    • Gemalto IoT Expert - Smart Manufacturing Part 2

      In this short video, Gemalto smart manufacturing expert, Stephane Quetglas, explains how smart factories and trusted security partners are building trust into smart products from the start of the manufacturing process.

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    • Gemalto IoT Expert - Smart Manufacturing Part 3

      More and more manufacturing facilities are adding industrial gateway and IoT connectivity to monitor assets and exchange data in real time. In this video, Gemalto smart manufacturing expert, Stephane Quetglas, explains more about building trust in smart manufacturing system.

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    • Gemalto M2M LTE Cat1 Modules

      Gemalto first-to-market LTE Cat.1 wireless modules revolutionize highly efficient 4G connectivity, for the specific needs of M2M and industrial IoT applications. This is ideal for IoT applications that require power-optimized performance, affordable connectivity, as well as the longevity and reliability of LTE in the decade ahead.

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    • mHealth

      Manfred Kube is the head of M2M segment marketing and an industry expert on all things related to mHealth. Watch this video to hear him explain how Gemalto M2M technology is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by improving chronic care management, reducing hospitalization time and expense and enhancing patient care while ensuring that patient privacy is protected.

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    • Gemalto Drives Connected Car Technology Toward the Future

      Since 1995? when Gemalto helped build connectivity into German cars, the automotive sector has been a core focus for the Company and it has grown into the largest vertical market in the M2M industry. Andreas Haegele, Vice President of Gemalto’s M2M Portfolio, highlights the Gemalto solutions and services that are driving today’s connected car innovations such as 4G infotainment systems, 3D traffic navigation and embedded mobile WiFi.

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    • What is M2M?

      In this expert video, Axel Hansmann, Vice President of Strategy and Marcom at Gemalto M2M, provides an overview of the Company's M2M technology and explains step-by-step how to turn ideas and innovations into the latest and greatest IoT applications leveraging Gemalto Cinterion solutions and services.

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    • The benefits of embedded Java M2M Modules

      Jose Sanchez, Product Lifecycle Manager for Gemalto, explores the benefits of embedded Java M2M Modules. Watch and learn how Java can improve cost efficiency as well as simplify and speed application development creating smart assets at the edge of any enterprise.

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    • Key Features That Set Cinterion Modules Above the Competition

      Armin Dimai and Stefan Mahr lead Gemalto M2M Product Marketing in the EMEA and Americas regions. In this video, they explain how Gemalto M2M's advanced temperature management system improves module performance and preserves technology investments. They also show how Gemalto M2M's industry unique footprint architecture enables multi-design capability and a simple, cost effective migration path for evolving M2M applications.

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