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    ID Verification and Document Reader Solutions

    ???????????????Document Verification & Authentication with Gemalto Document Readers

    Gemalto offers a range of document reader solutions that meet the demands of Travel, Border and Identity Management applications, enabling document verification and identity authentication in a simple and efficient manner. 

    Gemalto document readers are capable of reading:

    • passports and other travel documents
    • drivers licenses 
    • IDs and eIDs 

    ID & Passport authentication solutions 

    ?Our document reading products are working in these environments:

    • Border control: Travel document verification and authentication at kiosks and electronic gates ?
    • Financial: ID verification for new account enrollment for banks and for check cashing
    • Retail: ID fraud and financial loss prevention for mobile phone stores and car rental agencies
    • Hospitality: Hotel and Casino guest ID data extraction such as age verification & vendors and employees vetting?

    Document verification: Passport & ID readers overview?

    • AT10K Document Reader

      Quickly and reliably inspect, authenticate and capture data from electronic travel and identity documents with our next generation document reader, the Gemalto Document Reader AT10K. Designed for reading of passports, identity cards, driver’s licenses and barcoded documents in both government and commercial applications such as banks, retail and transport.

      Discover the new Gemalto Document Reader AT10K

    • Document Reader AT9000 MK2

      AT9000 MK2 Document Reader

      Watch the video! Discover the Gemalto AT9000 MK2 Document Reader - a familiar sight at border control desks around the world – Easy and accurate.

      Learn more on Document Reader AT9000 MK2

    • KR9000 OEM Document Reader

      KR9000 OEM Document Reader

      Gemalto KR9000 full page document reader to quickly read and process images from documents and epassports.

      Discover the Document Reader KR9000 OEM

    • Reader CR100 MRZ

      MRZ Swipe Reader CR100

      Read ALL passports in the world issued after 2005 and other ID documents such as US Green Cards, visas, etc. with the Gemalto CR100 MRZ Swipe Reader.

      Learn more on MRZ Swipe Reader CR100

    • QS1000 -Full page document reader

      QS1000 Document Reader

      Select the Gemalto QS1000 Document Reader, our entry-level compact document reader designed for fast, whole-page and barcode data capture.

      Learn more on document reader QS1000

    • CR100M MRZ and MSR Swipe Reader

      MRZ and MSR Swipe Reader CR100M

      Read codeline data from passports, IDs and other Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs) with the Gemalto R100M MRZ and MSR Swipe Reader.

      Learn more on MRZ and MSR Swipe Reader CR100M

    • MRZ reader KR2400

      KR2400 OEM MRZ Reader

      Discover the Gemalto KR2400 OEM MRZ Reader. Its slim design makes it ideal for integration with self-serve type kiosks at airports.

      Learn more on MRZ Reader KR2400 OEM

    • Double-sided ID Card Reader CR5400

      Discover the Gemalto CR5400 Double-sided ID Card Reader. It's fast, accurate and easy-to-use as there’s no wrong way to insert the card in the ID reader.

      Learn more on double-sided ID Card Reader CR5400

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